Free Social Deduction
Word Game
It's 20 Questions
With a Twist

What Makes It Fun

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Hidden Roles

Having someone know something the rest of the group doesn't is always fun. Can the Double Agent keep their identity a secret and still achieve their mission?

Pass And Play

You won't get frustrated trying to connect to a network or linking up multiple devices. Simply start the game and pass your phone around.

Quick Play Time

The game plays in 5 minutes or less. There is no need to worry about starting a game only to have it interrupted.

Easy To Play

This game is so easy to play. Anyone who can read can play.

Video Demo

Where Can We Play

Standing In Line

Who Knew needs nothing but a phone so it is easy to play and pass the time while standing in line.

Waiting For Your Food

Play Who Knew without the fear of your food coming before the game is finished.

Hanging With Friends

Play Who Knew when you are just hanging out with your friends. It's a great way to pass time and get a laugh.

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Now Available On

Download Who Knew Free. We are just getting started with Who Knew ... We plan to add Word Libraries like Sports, Pop Culture, History. We are going to keep making Who Knew better by adding support for more players, connecting multiple phone and adding new roles like a saboteur.

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I created Who Knew as something I wanted to play with my friends. I have pledged to always keep the app Free. The plan is to use advertising and premium word libraries to fund further development.
If players guess the secret word early, simply tap Fast Forward and the timer will end.
Hang tight we have more words coming. Before the end of the year we will implement a library of word lists for you to choose from. If you have any ideas let us know.
Even though Who Knew is a very quick game, we thought ahead for circumstances where that game would get interrupted. If there is a game in progress when the app starts you will see a continue button.

Any Other question? You can Contact Us.